A company’s true image is a sum of different views and perspectives. Think of a broken mirror and how each little piece reflects a part of the world. While it is a real image, it is not complete, nor does it reflect the other elements they are connected to. Once all pieces of the mirror are put together, a true image is revealed.

Let’s take this simple example further: a company’s image. Customers have certain experiences and view one side of a company. Employees get the inside scoop and see a different side, they see it all built. The media, be it online and offline, receives bits and pieces of information on the said company: financial details, business strategy overviews, new customers and partners. Each side of this story might be different. Yet the true identity of a business emerges when all these angles and perspectives come together.

At Mirror Communications, 0ur main concern is to make sure our customers have their true identity reflected by the audiences they are interested in: existing and potential customers, though leaders, the media, the social web, their employees, business partners and suppliers.

Mirror Communications Team

The Mirror Communications Team you’ll be working with is passionate, professional, innovative and young. But we’ve started early in the fields PR, marketing, MarCom and customer service. We have worked for over 5 years with businesses from fields such as IT, travel and tourism, environment & waste management and more. We’ve tackled the traditional ways of PR and the media and we grew together with the new media, learning about its social nature.

Mirror Communications was founded in April 2008 by Alina Popescu, Senior PR and Marketing strategist. Her goal was to help companies find their unique voice and use it to start two way communications with its publics.

How We Can Help You

Based on our experience, the most effective method to deliver excellent results is not new. We use it everyday when we want to achieve something: learn everything about what interests us, come up with an action plan, then start working on getting to where we want to be. Evaluate our results, adapt when needed, and keep working until we reach our goals. In other words:

  • We learn everything about your company, your customers and your competition
  • Based on your communication needs and requirements, we develop an optimum strategy. A strategy means developing a plan based on objectives and goals.
  • We then employ the best online and offline PR tools and methods to help your business grow
  • We periodically evaluate our results and adjust our strategy accordingly, to make sure we maximize your return on investment (ROI)
  • After we have reached our goals, we start again