When it comes to email marketing, every expert in the field will tell you to only add people that actually express interest in your content to your lists. An opt-in newsletter is the best approach and having a subscription confirmed is even better. But after doing your best to make sure you only reach people with a genuine interest in what you are emailing them, you are still not entirely protected from the damaging “spammer” label.

A new  report by Return Path shows that email deliverability rates have dropped about 5% in the second half of 2011, reaching a 76.5% rate, after keeping steady at over 80% for years. While ISPs have done their best to keep their customers spam-clear, their improved email security is not the only cause for the drop. It is actually consumers themselves, who are unclear on opt-out policies and end up damaging email marketers’ and brands’ reputations. (more…)

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, announces today the launch of its messaging solution range in Hong Kong through its first distribution partnership in the market signed with iDesign (http://www.idesign.com.hk), one of the leading players in the domestic IT&C solutions and services field.

iDesign IT Consulting has been providing IT solutions and consulting services for over 9 years, with a strong focus on small and medium enterprises. Their complex range of solutions and products helps render critical business processes automatic, thus providing enterprises with the competitive edge they need to succeed. To find out more about the new partnership, follow this link.

Arcmail Technology, Inc. (http://www.arcmail.com), a leading provider of email archiving and management products, and AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, have signed a technological partnership to offer comprehensive, high-end messaging and archiving solutions. The joint AXIGEN-Arcmail functionalities help companies of all sizes save time and money through improved, effective and secure usage and access to their email communication. To read more on the Arcmail-AXIGEN integrated solutions, click here.

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, and Notify Technology Corporation (OTC BB: NTFY; http://www.notifycorp.com), signed a technological agreement to provide the AXIGEN Mail Server mobile email and groupware functionalities to BlackBerry® smart phone users. The AXIGEN and NotifySync solution integration grants business travelers instant access from their BlackBerry devices to relevant data such as messages, contacts or tasks, enabling them to increase productivity and efficiency. Find out more here.

AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor, today announces they have become a member of the Intel Software Partner Program, with the intention to better adapt the AXIGEN Mail Server to Intel architectures.

As part of the Intel® Software Partner Program, AXIGEN focuses on optimizing its cutting edge messaging solutions for Intel platforms. The membership also enables AXIGEN to collaborate with Intel in order to take advantage of emerging trends and technologies, thus offering improved mail server solutions to existing and potential customers.