Out of pure whim or based on a smart business strategy, hotels are ever more present in the online world. From websites to blogs and Twitter stream, they are trying it all, with more or less success. While establishing an online presence might not seem hard – just install a blogging platform, publish a Facebook page or create a Twitter account – making the best out of it is not as easy. Blogs need updating with interesting and relevant content, and your Facebook fans and Twitter followers expect the same.

There is the ever present topic of special offers, discounts and events organized at the hotel, but is that enough? Seeing as the instances where you are the only hotel in the area are limited to small towns and far away regions, there’s usually tough competition to worry about. They also have special offers that they promote online. What else is there to write and talk about?

All the topics you need are within reach. Just think of your customers – why do they come to the city or region your hotel is in? What do they do there? What information do they need and what customized offers will catch their eye? Following this stream of ┬áneeds and wants, here are some topics to cover: (more…)