The Internet has made it easy for companies from anywhere in the world to address the global market. In theory, they all can sell to whoever is willing to buy their product or in need of their services. All they have to do is have an online presence. As the Internet became more of a conversation, companies moved in the social media world and started engaging their fans through all these dialogue-driven channels. But are businesses really reaching all their potential customers that are avid users of social networks?

Not really. English company profiles only reach about half of them in a best case scenarios and it’s even less for other languages. That is why ComTranslations launched SociaLingo, a near real-time social media translation service that allows companies to address their multilingual audiences in 140 different languages.

Multicultural social media marketing is suddenly something they can easily achieve – just create their Facebook updates, their Tweets, their Google+ messages, their pins on Pinterest or LinkedIn postings and have a team of native translators localize them and have them posted in all the languages they select. As this is a human-powered social media translation service, it’s not exactly instantaneous, but it prevents most of the hiccups using automatic translation software or services might generate.

SociaLingo comes to share the online promotion efforts of 93% of marketers currently using social media channels to target potential customers. It helps non-English speaking company reps reach the massive audience communicating in this language and it helps companies from English-speaking markets to reach the other half of social media users engaging in different languages. Simple and efficient multilingual social media marketing, to sum it up in a few words.